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Οι ταξιδιώτες εγγράφονται Δούλεψε μαζί μαςΟι φτηνότερες B & B Bucuresti, Romania Κριτικές και συστάσεις ταξιδιωτών ελέγξτε τα κρεβάτια σας με πρωινό και κρατήσεις για πανδοχεία

Οι φτηνότερες κρεβάτι και πρωινό και πανδοχεία σε Bucuresti, Romania

Φτηνές Β & amp? Β Bucuresti, Romania
Φτηνές bed and breakfast Bucuresti, Romania

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Εδώ είναι το φθηνότερο Bed & amp? Πρωινό στις πιο δημοφιλείς πόλεις προορισμού.  Επιλέξτε μια θέση για να διευρύνετε την αναζήτησή σας για όλα τα ακίνητα κοντά στο αγαπημένο σας πόλεις. Επιλέξτε Κάντε κράτηση τώρα για να κάνετε κράτηση αμέσως σε απευθείας σύνδεση.

Οι φτηνότερες τιμές:

Bucuresti, Romania

Avis HotelΤιμές από €52
Bucuresti, Bulevardul Aerogării 10   
Hotel - AVIS Baneasa Hotel is your perfect choice, either you want to visit Bucharest, Either you are in town for a business meeting or you are just tourist.
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Hemingway ResidenceΤιμές από €57
Bucuresti, Str. Mantuleasa, Nr. 31   
Hotel - Hemingway Residence Hotel was built in 2009 and is a building with 5 floors, in addition to the ground floor and to the underground garage.  In the Hotel are 31 accommodations of different typology.  The hotel is equipped with two parkings (one covered
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Domeview Apartment - Vitan MallΤιμές από €65
Bucuresti, Calea Vitan, Nr. 58   
Apartment - The apartment has a kitchen fitted with oven, microwave oven and dishwasher, as well as private bathroom. It is fitted with flat screen TV and CD/ DVD player.
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Siqua HotelΤιμές από €66
Bucuresti, Plevnei Avenue 59 A, 1St District   
Hotel - Situated in the heart of the city, Central Hotel is ideally located in the business district, a few minutes walk from the old city centre, an exceptional location close to all major attractions, offering you the possibility to explore the city and its sur
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Carol Parc HotelΤιμές από €69
Bucuresti, Suter Street, No. 23-24, District 4   
Hotel - Praised to be the most luxurious hotel in the country, this is the only hotel in Romania ever included in the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Top 136 Best Hotels of the World!
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Bucharest Comfort Suites HotelΤιμές από €69
Bucuresti, 16 Nicolae Balcescu, District 1   
Hotel - 4 star hotel
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AparthomesΤιμές από €75
Bucuresti, 0040212320406   
Apartment - ApartHomes offers you gorgeous places to stay, luxuriously furnished apartments for short and long term. Classified at four stars by the Ministry of Tourism, you can choose from a selection of studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments.
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Best Western Plus Expocenter HotelΤιμές από €79
Bucuresti, Bld. Poligrafiei Nr 69   
Hotel - BEST WESTERN PLUS Expocenter Hotel is a 4 star hotel close to the city center
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Expocenter HotelΤιμές από €85
Bucuresti, Bd. Poligrafiei 69   
Hotel - hotel
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Antique HostelΤιμές από €300
Bucuresti, Splaiul Independentei No. 2A, Sector 3   
Hostel - Our Hostel is perfect for those seeking a unique experience in Hostel accommodation.
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Οι φτηνότερες κρεβάτι και πρωινά και φθηνό B & amp? Β Bucuresti, Romania - Bed Breakfast Holiday.
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